Peace of Mind


Being a Mother, a full-time graduate student, and working full-time, often times can get just a tad bit hectic.  It is easy for me, like many others, to feel overwhelmed. At times it is very important for me to take a couple of steps back, breathe, and remember a few key concepts that I use to keep me focused and sane (well actually 5). Below is just a few of my core values that keep me afloat in life; I am curious if anyone else has similar systems or thoughts on how to keep peace of mind throughout hectic times as well.

Five Steps to Gaining Peace of Mind

  1. Express Gratitude: Often times we are so focused on our next move and what we want to work towards next that we often forget about the things that we already have today.  I understand that you want to be a millionaire but be grateful for what is in your bank account today.  Maybe you’re feeling down because you don’t have a relationship like Jay and Bey or Will and Jada; feel grateful for the family and friends that you do have in your corner. Love comes in many forms. Gratitude is loving the blessings that you already have and understanding there are more to come.
  2. Remain Positive: There is no limit to the impact that having a positive attitude can have on your life. Positivity breeds more positivity.  Keep in mind that you are what you attract.  Happiness is a choice and choosing to remain positive is the first step towards making that choice.
  3. Find Purpose: We were not born to just go to work and pay bills!  There is so much more to life.. right? Find something you love; work hard at it until you succeed.  Set goals, help others, and get involved.  When you find something that you love, you are good at, you believe in, and allows you to give back to others… you have found purpose.
  4. Self-Care:  We’ve all heard the sayings “I’ll sleep when I die” or “Always grinding”; I’m sorry but I love my sleep!  Often times we feel as if we have to always be moving in order to be successful, or that we must always be taking care of others before ourselves.  If we are always tired, we can not put forth maximum effort to our own successes or care for those around us.  This is why it is important to take time out for ourself.  Do something that makes you feel good— go to the spa, a lunch date with a friend, take a road-trip, or get a full eight hours of sleep. Self-care should be specific to you, see what works best for you. Once you have explored a few self-care practices, create a self-care schedule detailing how often you will do each practice. Once you designate time for yourself you will feel more refreshed and be more attentive to those around you.
  5. Self-Reflection: Sometimes it can be beneficial to do some serious self-reflection. Self-reflection can be done through meditation or serious thought about your own character, motives, and actions. This is important because when we gain a greater understanding of ourselves we are more conscious about certain things that may trigger specific emotions, behaviors, and or thoughts in us. Journaling can be a great way to self-reflect.  Write down your thoughts each day and see how much you learn from yourself.


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