Turban Headband Tutorial 

What You’ll Need!

  • Sewing Machine
  • 1/3 yard of Cute Stretch Jersey Knit Fabric
  • coordinating Thread
  • Measuring Tape

How It’s Done!

Step One:

Measure the circumference of your head… Or if you’re lazy, like myself, use this sizing chart I found online:

Newborn: 13.5″                                         3-5 Years: 20″

3 Months: 15″                                            6-10 Years: 21″

6 Months: 17″                                           Adult Small: 22″

12 Months: 18″                                         Adult Medium: 23″

2 Years: 19″                                               Adult Large: 24″

Step Two:

Cut two strips of fabric. The length of your fabric should be the circumference of your head (or the measurment from the size chart above).  The width of the strips should 4 to 5 inches, depending on how wide you’d like your headband.

Fold the strips in half, with the right sides facing inside (you should see the wrong sides facing out).  Sew a seam along the long sides of the strips.  You’ll now have two tubes!  Turn both tubes inside out.

Step Three:

Place both pieces of fabrics down so that they make a “T”.  Fold one stirp in half, then fold the other strip in half.

Step Four:

Align all four ends of fabric, place the edges on the sewing machine, and create a seam that sews the headband together.


Make them for every outfit!!