Flat Hair

disney princess

People often ask me the question “What made you decide to go natural?”.  My response… flat hair!  “Flat hair” is what Yasmin used to call hair that is straight.  She would tell me all the time that she did not like her hair because it was fluffy and not flat.  One Halloween Yasmin actually made a remark that she was not a real Disney princess because Disney princesses had flat hair but her hair is fluffy.  I would tell Yasmin all the time she had beautiful hair then she would just reply with “nah, I want flat hair”.

Although Yasmin did not like her own hair, she loved my straight relaxed hair. Yasmin would always say that she wished she had flat hair just like mine.  As I would watch Yasmin admire my hair I began to wonder  “how could I tell Yasmin to love her own hair when I am constantly chemically altering and using harsh heat on my own hair”.  I started to wonder did I really love my hair and what was wrong with the texture that God had given me?  At this time I began to experiment.  I stopped getting relaxers (although I relapsed a couple times).  I rocked braids, weaves, and curls.  Not everyone had positive things to say about my transition but it was something that I wanted to do for myself in hopes to show Yasmin that I truly loved myself and she should too.

A year later, I decided it was time to cut all the relaxed hair off and start fresh!  I still remember Yasmin looking at me like “wow.. she has fluffy hair too!”.  It made me feel good that I was no longer just preaching to Yasmin about self-love, but I was living it as well!